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News & AnnouncementsJuly 23, 2016

Domain Change and Equation Finder Chrome Extension

Hello, everyone.

Firstly, Online Science Tools has moved to a new domain name: This was necessary because I did not renew and as a result it is now stuck in GoDaddy domain name limbo.

Secondly, for my own convenience (which is how all of the tools on this site were initially created), I decided yesterday to create a Chrome Extension for looking up equations. Instead of having to open up Wikipedia whenever you forget a trigonometric identity, you can now load the identity in a fraction of a second without even having to change the page. Of course, there are currently only a handful of identities in the extension\\\'s database, so feel free to contribute if you know LaTeX and want to help improve this extension. Please send me your suggestions as well and I will take them into consideration if and when I find the time to further develop this extension (or better yet, add them yourself and send me a pull request on GitHub).

GitHub URL:
Chrome Store URL:


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Since I am now a graduate student, I no longer have time to actively maintain this site. Nevertheless, I will come back from time to time to make small changes or post announcements.