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Graphing Calculator

Graphing Calculator

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Graph 2D equations as functions of both space and time with this javascript powered graphing calculator. Graphs can be plotted at a single point in time or played as an animation throuh progressing time (in seconds). For series graphing, decreasing the smoothness is recommended to reduce loading time. Note that this graphing calculator requires HTML5 canvas support. Supported functions are listed in the table below.

Function Reference
Standard Functions
Previous Functionyn x Derivative of yndyn t Derivative of yndytn
Exponentiale^x or exp(x) Natural Logarithmlog(x) or ln(x) Square Rootsqrt(x)
Absolute Valueabs(x) Series of f(x,n) from 1 to ns('f',n)
Trigonometric Functions
Sinesin(x) Cosinecos(x) Tangenttan(x)
Cosecantcsc(x) Secantsec(x) Cotangentcot(x)
Arcsineasin(x) Arccosineacos(x) Arctangentatan(x)
Arccosecantacsc(x) Arcsecantasec(x) Arccotangentacot(x)
Hyperbolic Functions
Hyperbolic Sinesinh(x) Hyperbolic Cosinecosh(x) Hyperbolic Tangenttanh(x)
Hyperbolic Cosecantcsch(x) Hyperbolic Secantsech(x) Hyperbolic Cotangentcoth(x)
Hyperbolic Arcineasinh(x) Hyperbolic Arccosineacosh(x) Hyperbolic Arctangentatanh(x)
Hyperbolic Arccosecantacsch(x) Hyperbolic Arcsecantasech(x) Hyperbolic Arccotangentacoth(x)